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Our Mission

Fredericton Association for Community Living (FrederictonACL)  is a  non-profit, advocacy organization that is aligned with Provincial and Federal inclusion movements. We are committed to an inclusive Fredericton where children and adults with an intellectual disability are supported to participate - at home, at school, at work, in recreation and in all aspects of community life.  We do this by advocating and influencing decision makers within the Fredericton area community to ensure the rights and interests of those with an intellectual disability are protected.

Our Values

  • Inclusion - We believe that the lives of people with an intellectual disability should unfold no differently than those without disabilities, immersed together with their peers without a disability in the same pathways and experience of life common to us all.  

  • Equality - We believe that all people are entitled to equal access and opportunity. Equality demands protection from all forms of discrimination or harm, and access to the supports necessary to enable equal participation. 

  • Diversity - We believe in the fundamental value and dignity of all people, and honour and respect diverse identities and experiences. Our humanity and uniqueness cannot be reduced to words, labels, categories, definitions, or genetic patterns. 

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